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I always adore the things you guys put out! This demo was super adorable and fun; can't wait to see the rest of it!

First game I downloaded on itch. Very well put together! Feels so fluid. The sound effects and assets are on point! Well done.

 En reminded me A LOT of the movie CJ7, very cute.  


Ahhh, it's so good to see you back with another game! Paletta is still one of the most beautifully written and presented games I've had the pleasure of playing, so when I saw this new demo pop up I added it straight to my list!

As expected, it's cute as heck and has a riveting story. Mir and En are a great pair, and I certainly hope you dive back in to add more to this tale because I could spend hours with these two =)

The puzzles mixed with the stealth elements made for a very interesting experience too, it was a great combination! Keep up the awesome work as always, I'll be lurking around waiting to see more of this for sure!


Thank you so much for playing our game!!!<333


This is a very nice looking demo. Just 2 questions. Are you planning to make it into more than a demo? and if so what do you think the price point will be?

Thank you<3 Yes, there will be a full game! We aren't sure about the price yet. 

wauw, this is amazing ! i love it :)

Thank you!!!<3

Hi, so far I like the design of this game, good job! But I encountered a problem: I couldn't save the game, and every time I press 'option' and then 'esc', it shows an error message and I couldn't do anything afterwards. (Btw I downloaded the one for Mac.) Is there a problem for the Mac version?

There's blue panels/screens occasionally on the walls to save.

never played such a good game in a while. Its very detailed and the sound effects are so good!!! hope you finish the full game soon~

Awww thank you so much<3


This little bundle of joy is "out of this world"! :D Looking forward to post demo content! ^^

Hehe thank you!!<3

Fun, cute and love the storyline!!!

Thank you<3


This was so incredibly cute! I love the two main characters and I'm aching to know if they'll get to the moon or not! The pixels and general aesthetic of the game is also very beautiful so amazing job team Cola!!! 

thanks so much!! ^^ we're glad you enjoyed the game and the characters!

Oh this looks absolutely adorable. I am gonna play this the very moment my cat stops bothering me!

aww, thanks so much spen!! <3