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Aahh this was so sweet! (Also I love the style so soo much)

Hi, i love the game, can i do the spanish translation?

Hi there! We allow all translations of Paletta! Thank you for your interest <3

A short and cute game that can be finished around an hour or less.
was simple and relaxing. i enjoyed this.

This was so touching! I immensely enjoyed it, it brought a few tears to my eyes. Seriously 10/10 game, it was a complete pleasure to play. I look forward to seeing what you guys make in the future :)

Beautiful game!! Thank you for creating it :)

I'm Brazilian and I do not know how to speak English, I'm even using a translator to communicate


Do you have the option in Portuguese?

Unfortunately, I don't believe there's a Portuguese translation yet! Sorry about that.

Tudo bem, obrigado mesmo assim. 
Espero que a tradução chegue logo em português. Estou muito animado para começar a jogar ^^


I don't know right now, it's in the process of downloading. It seems cute and interesting so I'm trying my best to be patient. I really liked the unique name decision by the way! I'm looking forward to more of your content, Latte. Please never stop making more games!

Does this game have comics I can download? 

Hey there. Mind if I ask you two something?

Hi! What's your question?

Would you like to see if I could help convert your game from RPG Maker VX Ace over to MV? I'm meaning the game Paletta. I have done a few things like this. You can find it on my itch page ^^

We're not looking to switch engines right now, but thank you for your interest! <3

You sure? I wouldn't mind doing it for ya ^^

I hit the town after the yellow one and the menu keeps flashing and it makes it impossible to keep playing the game. I press Z, X or esc but nothing works. Has anyone else had this problem? Amazing game so far though, would love to finish it!

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Hello, I found this via the Indie Game Making Contest 2018! It's such a fantastic little game that I got inspired to write some music.

May I use the picture (cover art) of Paletta floating with a star for youtube/soundcloud when I upload it? I'll explicitly state that it's not directly associated with the game.



sure thing! ^^ go right ahead~ thanks for asking for permission! 

Thanks so much for allowing me to use it!

I hope you two continue to keep making games because you both got something to create this gem. (Not to mention this is your first finished game!)

I'll check out Circuit sometime soon :)

Thank you for making such a good game!

Hello, play your creation and I'm really fascinated, and apologize for bothering you ... but I would like my Hispanic community to play it, would you allow me to do a translation?

Hi there! We allow all translations of Paletta! Thank you for your interest <3

I am very happy, thanks for the permission as soon as I finish ... you will be the first to know it!

I think I hit a bug? I just turned the first village pink and was on my way to the next village when some mice started talking to me. After they left, I went to the menu screen  to save and I can't get off it now. I keep pressing x or esc but nothing happens. I tried shutting down the game and turning it back on, but my save takes me back to the menu screen where I still can't get off it. I found that when I press "D", I can still go back to the moon, but then my character doesn't move and all I can do is look at the help screen. How can I fix this???

It's great and all, but I can't make it through the maze.


Short but well-polished.  Definitely worth playing.

1.este juego

This game was adorable and fun, thanks for the experience!!

This is an absolute delight! It's adorable, fun and I cannot wait to play it all the way through =)

Keep up the fantastic work everyone!

Finally had a chance to upload the first part! (Will add to this thread once I upload more) but seriously this is an AMAZING GAME. If you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, do it now! And while you're at it, go support the creators by voting for them in the IGMJ 2017! ♡♡♡

Here's part two! :D

Here's part 3 & 4~

The final part! :D

I absolutely adore this game and I'm having such a wonderful time playing it, but I've run into a bit of a major bug and I was wondering if you could help? After finding the princess, there is a section in which you have to move rocks around to create a path. When I got to that screen, my abilities no longer appeared. I can't open the menu, either. I hope you can get this fixed because I'd love to finish this game!! Thank you!!

Hello there! Thank you for playing Paletta~ Hmm that's odd, does this happen in the latest version (1.3.1) or the jam version?

Same thing happened to me and I downloaded the version on this page.  /cries

hi! its been like halve a year lol but did you figure this out? it happens to me too TvT

Beautiful game both stylistically and story wise, I am LOVING it so far! Though I'm curious... is there a way to retrieve Berry's shard without killing his father? I know three different ways you can 'kill' him, but I'd rather not if it were possible!

Thanks for making such a delightful game, I'll be posting videos of my let's play soon!

Hello there! Thank you so much (you're too kind!), we're looking forward to watching you lp <o<!!! Sadly you can only kill the father, there's no other way of getting the shard/fulfilling Berry's request. 

Great job ^-^

Thank you<3

Oh my god!
This game is gorgeous!

There is nothing about this game that wasn't gorgeous!
The game play was excellent!
The game looked beautiful!
The music and sounds helped immerse me into the world!
The story was simple, but with a couple of nice things that no one would've been able to guess.

I also didn't run into any bugs at all.

I rate this game a 5/5!

This game deserves it!

Thank you so much! 

So far I'm enjoying it ^^ It's a very cute story, and I like the puzzles so far, but my one gripe is that some of the art blends in too much for me to easily tell what's going on. 

Like the title screen (specifically the menu selections. They're a very light gray on white), and when you have a spell active (most of the areas are a bright gray, or almost plain white, and the "you have an active spell" thing above the character is a very transparent white).

Nevertheless, I'm enjoying the story so far, and I'm currently covering it for my channel. I hope it helps, and that my feedback here wasn't too harsh!

Oh thank you so much! We enjoy watching LPs and will definitely take a look at yours <o<!! 

All feedback is welcome and appreciated and honestly the brightness balance is something we were kind of worried about. We will edit the spell overlays in the future and maybe even the white tiles of the first town (they're very bright compared to all the other towns!) so it's good that you brought it up!

Just taking a quick glance I see that you're running the first version of the game and if you want to experience a less buggy version you can get it from here !  You can just drag the save file to the new game folder to continue where you left off~Thank you for playing Paletta <3

Wrote about this!

Thank you so much! We're glad you enjoyed Paletta!

I absolutely loved playing this game. I don't want to say too much because I really think the best way to experience this game is to set aside an hour of your time and play it yourself!

I love it. 

That's good to hear! Thank you<3

I can't play it, error: RPGVXAce RTP is required to run this game. T_T

Hello! You can either download VX Ace RTP here  or download the newest version of Paletta here ^^ Thank you for your interest in our game<33

Cute and lovely game <3

Thank you! <3

I just finished playing the game :) I loved it so much! It was adorable!! I'll be looking forward to more games from you hehe <3

Thanks for playing~ We're glad you enjoyed it!

This is a beautiful game and I love it, but I'm stuck at the first thing you have to do. You have to make the goose lay a golden egg and I talked to the moon about it and I got the cake and flower, but I can't figure out how to get the dying thing. The moon said to try and search the flower beds for ashes, but nothing comes up other than the comment about the flower beds. Please help

Aww thank you! That might be a bug, we will look into it. If you try talking to the girl north of the houses she might help you? Or you might already have the ash; try the goose! 

Thank you so much, I didn't even know she was there. I thought I talked to everyone I could but I guess I missed her

This game was AWESOME! Good Job! I really enjoyed it Paletta looked adorable too! If you make more games, I'm going to play them as soon as I can! 

Thank you! We're glad you enjoyed it! <3

Really wanted to play, but I don't currently have the VX Ace RTP.  :( 

It is a shame, too, because this looks so beautiful! I can tell you worked very hard on it.

Hi there! Thank you so much!

There's a link to where you can download the RTP in our downloads section - here you go! 

Thanks! I'll check this out tonight.  :)

hi! i just started playing Paletta but while I was playing, the game got stuck(?) and it wouldnt move at all :/ The music's playing but they're not moving and I tried to go to Menu and clicked 'D' and everything but it wont move :/ It's stuck when I just arrived at the next town after I got the invisible shard. I wonder what the problem is? huhu :(

Hi there! Thanks for telling us about this bug; does this happens when you have just arrived to the town, right after the transfer to that one?  Nothing happens on the new town?

Well i told this person that i was looking for a shard and so i followed the person and then while following him, suddenly they stopped. 

Had the same problem, but compatibility mode windows 7 fix it for me, give it a shot. And good Luck!

btw Great game Cosmic Latte!!
Have a good one ppl!!

Ah. My game's working now! Thank you :)

Hi. My name is Mel. I was wondering if I could translate your game into Spanish. If it doesn't bother you, of course.

PD: Great job with this game, I love it.

Hello there! Sure, go ahead. If you need any graphics or similar things feel free to message us ^Q^

Thanks! uWu

May I make YT video from this game?

Of course!

thank you